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Can individual legitimately disobey the law in a democracy?

 Its aim is usually to draw attention to some injustice or outrage perpetrated by public authorities or powerful private bodies. And the compel a rethink of the relevant policy, when other methods of publicity and persuasion have proved ineffective. Less usually, it seeks to make an offending policy unworkable through the organization of mass resistance. […]

गरीब कल्याण रोजगार योजना – 2020 ?

गरीब कल्याण रोजगार योजना – 2020 ? Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi , launched Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyan from Telihar village in Khagaria District of Bihar on June 20, 2020 Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyan is part of relief package of Rs. 20 Lakh Crore announced by the Central Government in the month of […]

Is Decision Majority Always Democratic?

In other words, the crucial democratic feature is the rights of decision making that all share equally, whereas decision by the majority and simply a procedural devise for resolving disagreement with other methods (discussion, amendment, compromise) have been exhausted. Of course majority decision must be moire democratic that allowing minorities to decide or to obstruct […]

Free-Market Economy is Necessary To Democracy?

Is a free-market economy necessary to democracy? This is a complex question to which there is no unequivocal answer. On one side a system of production is distribution based upon the principal of free exchange can be seen as conductive to democracy. Like democracy, the market treats individuals non-paternalistic-ally, as the best judges their own […]

Rafale Aircraft

Induction of French Rafale Aircraft in IAF The first of five Rafale jets out of 36 comprising these single-seater and town twin-seater aircraft inducted into the Indian Air Force (IAF) at the Amabala Airbase in Haryana. The aircraft covered a distance of nearly 7000 km from France to India with Mid air refueling and a […]

बौद्ध धर्म और बाबा साहब

इनमे में किसी एक के अभाव में समाज तीतर बितर हो जाएगा।  धर्म के अस्तित्व के लिए बुद्धि का प्रमाणिक होना आवश्यक है।  यही विज्ञान का दूसरा नाम है।  बाबा साहब के विचार से बौद्ध धर्म सभी अपेक्षाओं पर खरा उतरता है।  बाबा साहब ने उन्हें एकदम साफ़ बताया की अभी उन्होंने न तो बौद्ध […]

Liberal Democracies

Why representative democracies are called liberal democracies? Want to know ? actual reason of why are representative called liberal democracies. Liberal Democracies This is first a historical reason. Most Western states became liberal before they became democratic. That is so say they achieved a liberal constitutional order before they granted universal suffrage or developed mass […]