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Biography of Karl Friedrich Benz

Who is Karl Friedrich Benz? School, Education, Childhood, Family, Interests   Karl Friedrich Benz was a German engineer and entrepreneur, who designed and built the world’s first automobile powered by an internal-combustion engine. Karl Benz was the founder of Mercedes –Benz. Karl Benz’s real name was Karl Friedrich Michael valiant. He was born on 25th […]

Autobiography of Arianna Huffington

Who is Arianna Huffington? Arianna Huffington is an author, philanthropist and television personality. She is the owner of online news magazine, The Huffington Post.  She was originally Arianna Stasinopoulos; she was born July 15, 1950, in Athens, Greece to Konstantinos and Eli Stasinopoulos. Her father was a journalist and a management consultant. She was close […]

Autobiography of Joseph Priestley

Who is Joseph Priestley? School, Education, Interest, Childhood, Family Background   Joseph Priestley was an English priest, author, chemist and scientist, who made one of the most significant contributions to the field of experimental chemistry with his discovery of oxygen. Joseph Priestley was born on 13th March, 1733 in England to Jonas Priestley and Mary […]

Short Life Story of Henri Matisse

Who is Henri Matisse? School, Education, Childhood, Family Background Henri Matisse was French artist whose career spanned over six decades. Apart from being a painter, he was also a draughtsman, print-maker and sculptor. Matisse was one of the major artists of the 20th century. He was a leader of the Fauvist movement. Henri Matisse’s full […]

Life Introduction of Johannes Gutenberg

Who is Johannes Gutenberg, School, Education, Interests Johannes Gutenberg was German goldsmith, printer, publisher and also a wee-known inventor. He was the first person to introduce the moveable-type printing press in Europe, which was used until the twentieth century. He introduced the first-ever printed book with the movable type called Forty-Two-Line Bible or the Gutenberg […]

Life Story of James Watt

Who is James Watt? James Watt was Scottish inventor, mechanical engineer, and chemist. He is known for his invention of the first modern steam engine. He played a significant role in the Industrial Revolution by developing mathematical instruments and later, steam engines. He was a renowned member of the Royal Society of London. Childhood, School, […]

Who is of Georges Seurat

Who is Georges Seurat?  School, Childhood, Interests Georges Seurat was French painter who founded the famous theory and practice of 19th century Neo-Impressionism. He popularized the technique of using light with tiny brushstrokes, which eventually became “Pointillism”. Some of his works include ‘Une Baignade’, Asnieres’ and ‘A Sunday on La Grande Jatte’.  Georges Seurat was […]

Who is Farida Kahlo

Who is Farida Kahlo? Childhood, Family, School Life, Polio Farida Kahlo was a Mexican painter best known for her extravagantly colored self-portraits and is still hailed as a feminist icon. Her paintings were based on themes such as identity, the human body and death. She was usually identified as a Surrealist. She linked traditional Mexican […]