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Italian Inventor Guglielmo Marconi

Who is Guglielmo Marconi? Italian Inventor Guglielmo Marconi was an Italian engineer and physicist also in their field . Marconi successfully invented the long-distance wireless telegraph and the radio signal. He majorly contributed to the development of the won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1909. Guglielmo Marconi was born in 1874 in Bologna, Italy […]

Biography of Oscar Claude Monet

Who is Claude Monet? Claude Monet was a famous French painter of the Impressionist period. He used to capture his daily life’s best moments on his canvas. He remains one of the most well-known personalities in the field of art. One of Monet’s most significant contributions was his painting style. They style was termed ‘Impressionism’. […]

The Artist Eugene Delacroix

Who is Eugene Delacroix? The Artist Eugene Delacroix was one of the greatest French Romantic painters, who played an essential part in the development Impressionist and Post – impressionist paintings through his use color, inspired by historical and contemporary event and literature. Eugene Delacroix’s full name was Ferdinand – Eugene – Victor Delacroix. He was […]

Great Marble Sculptor Donatello

Who is Donatello? Great Marble Sculptor Donatello was a master of bronze and marble sculpture. He is regarded as one of the greatest Italian Renaissance artists and was recognized for his life-like sculpture. His sculptures reflected the feelings of joy and sorrow through their realistic faces and poses. His major works include the statue of […]

Biography of Dmitri Mendeleev

Life Struggle and Childhood Dmitri Mendeleev was Russian Chemist who formulated the periodic law. He classified the elements in the periodic table. He also foretold the properties of three of the possible elements. Dmitri Mendeleev was born on February 8, 1834, in Russia, to Ivan Pavlovich Mendeleev and Maria Dmitrievna Mendeleev. Dmitri had a tough […]

Peter Jones Entrepreneur of The Year

Life Style of Peter Jones in Childhood Peter Jones was born on March 18, 1966, in Berkshire, England. Peter’s father owned a small business. Both his parents worked full-time to provide the family with as they could. Peter always looked up to his father. Even as a child Peter loved visiting his father’s office and […]