All about me

Hello everyone, 

Sumit is here, today I would like to inform you about how I started blogging and how it works and how you can earn money through your blogs and content which you have created. 

So, let’s get started: 

How did I start a blogging career? 

Actually, it was a very long story because I have no idea about my career and life goals. So one day I was thinking about my strengths and weaknesses so I found both but I found so many strengths like, General knowledge, History, Political views, Current Affairs etc. 

I started my blogging career around 2019, that time I had no idea about blogging and how it works even though I don’t have any idea about how to make blogs, websites etc. In 2019 I met one person whose name was Sanjay Sharon. He is around 60 years old but what I noticed is that he is also a well known blogger and he had many websites and also he earned so much profit with his websites. 

  • So I changed my mind and I started my own blog with the help of that great man. 

First challenge for me was where do I get the proper amount for creating a good and standard website. I have arranged some amount for my blogging so I have created my my Niche was biographies of brave mens and other types of superman so I have created so many blogs about many heroes, you can find on my website. 

  • Second challenge was: How to get Adsense approval. 

This is a very silly and unique question I had heard from so many bloggers and Youtubers so what I have gained with them, that was totally wrong and misguided to new bloggers. They just stated so many things about how we get Adsense approval. One blogger said that we need to post around 50 unique articles in one month so we were eligible for the Adsense but that advice was totally wrong. According to Google Adsense we need just some good maintained website to get Adsense we can get easily. 

  • Third channel was: What was my topic and Niche. 

Everything I make on my blogs also I get my Adsense within 9 to 10 days without any problem.  The other challenge was what I have to do in my blogs so I have created some plans and tips about how to write good and unique blogs. I had searched for so much information about the brave mens in India and world’s history that was enough for me. 

What we need to do before starting blogging. Here are some tips: 

  • Find cheap and knowledgeable web designers or bloggers who help you while making your website or blog in WordPress. 
  • Please write your blogs uniquely and do not copy from any other website. It doesn’t matter how you write , even language doesn’t matter . What you have to do is only create unique and good blog words. The word limit can be around 600- 1300 words. 
  • Post around 2 to 3 articles in your blogs. 
  • Do not forget Indexing of your articles in Webmaster or I can say Google Search Console. 
  • Do not click your own ads, It will be indicated as high alert or flags.  

That’s All. 

Thank You.