About Me

Hi, I’m Sumit kumar

Hello Everyone, My Name is Sumit and i am 25 years old, i am from Delhi. If i tell you something about my blogs and articles, it is totally genuine and fair , there is no casteism, political agendas, Hate Speech, Hate community, in my articles. I genuinely tell you about my ideology, That i am an fully open minded person.

I had some great seven year experience of share market, Stock market or other marketing experience as well. i had associated with so many clients on daily basis. If i am talking about my articles, how can i write ? . So i have also great knowledge of article writing last ten 07 years.

Knolvalley.com is mine Blog , and this blog is totally about Some great biographies and other hot topic, Greatest Writers, Sports Stars, Science Experts and many more.

I was born in middle class family and , my Father name is Mr. Sushil Kumar he is private cab driver , and my Mother name is Mrs. Chander Prabha , she is very beautiful person entire world.