Biography of Babu Gulab Rai

Who was Babu Gulab Rai ?

Babu Gulab Rai was a unique writer of mind, an talented essayist, prose writer of high style, a series philosopher, a compassionate reviewer and a successful teacher. But above all he was very munificent saint.

In nastiness of being a serious scholar of philosophy, an endowed with intelligence of a high order and genius in original thinking. He had in him an endlessly flowing current of loveliness and agreeable nature.

Biography of Babu Gulab Rai

Schooling Voyage

Brilliant with divine experience and mature intelligence, Babu Gulab Rai had his inherited house in Jalesar, U.P. but he was born in Mohalla Chhapeti, Etawah. He received his education in Agra College Agra, and St. Johns College Agra (B.A. 1911, M.A. L.L.B. (1913). Just after completing his education, he was prearranged private secretary of Maharaja Chhatarpur in 1913, and was there upto 1932.

After that he stayed in Jain Boarding House Agra. His first book Shanti Dharma was published in 1913. This progression of writing continued for 50 years devoid of rupture.

Early Life

In study, He has written “My criticism is as sweet, self and pleasant as butter and a dish made of rice and milk. Between both one may find a piece of almost of satire. Although, I am selfish, yet I do not want any fame at the cost of someone’s good name.

Babu Gulab Rai represented the cultural ethical tradition of the Dwivedi age. He was famous as a critic of homely and easy style, pure essayist and prose writer. By nature, he was a philosopher, which lent a particular type of light to the essays and disapproval in Hindi literature.

On one side, he produced works of serious thinking, and on the other side, he produced series of essays free of humor. Both have their own value and loveliness, and are the great in their respective fields.

In nastiness of living being selfish, I am humanist. Due to selfishness and indolence, I am not able to carry out the resolve. This good mental will, I send to my near and dear ones at least, while lying in bed. From this, one thing is obvious that he never wanted to do harm to anyone, and was ever willing to do good to others. Babuji was influential in creating many famous authors of Hindi journalism.

BabuJi Ideas and Ideals

After the reading the traditions of poetry and studying social works, he presented his conclusions based on personal experience in the form of principles. Babuji ideas on and ideals of literature and his life philosophy are available in his books, Viz Siddhart aur Adhayan, Kavya ke Roop, etc in these books Babuji comes before us as an supporter of principles and as one who explains things. Some other books reflect his ideals, ideas, ways of thinking and fields or work, Jeevan Rashmiyan, Mere Nibandha, Maan Ki Baaten. Life sketches of ideal great men have been given.

Way of Thinking of BabuJi

Babuji way of thinking, meditation, study and presentation are purely Bhartiye (Indian). Therefore, his principles have force and energy. In the field of reinterpretation of public speaking, Babuji giving was very important. To Hindi criticism and Essays Babu Gulab Rai’s services are singular the whole literary work of Baby Gulab Rai is the manifestation of his deep realization earnest love for literature, devotion have been in unlimited capacity.

He lived by pen, rich in ideas and fully capable in the art of writing. Babu Gulab Rai had unique ability of an editor. A monthly journal of criticism was the happy result of his dependable hard work. As a result of indefatigable efforts of Babu Gulab Rai, the blessings of great muscular, and inspirer of new literary trends Acharya Mahavir Prasad Dwivedi.

Legacy of BabuJi

Babuji mind and heart were greatly partial by Gandhi an ethics. Non-violent values of Gandhiji made Babuji adopt the style of coordination. Following the path of coordination, Babuji adopted the focus course, on account of which he was always free from boundaries of life. Babuji looked with the coordinating eye at principle and disbelief, hard and soft, old and new, conventional and progressive and material and spiritual.

In the words of Acharya Nand Dulare Vajpai, Babuji was a lover of harmony, which was present as a base in every literary movement. Accommodating good points was one of his special qualities when flooded rivers subside, their water becomes worth drinking.

Babuji was a user of subsided literary rivers and ‘if the metaphor of quality catching saint can be used for any man of literature, it must be Babuji. The words of Vajpai amply describe the high class ideas of Babuji.

Babuji was respected and honoured as a Hindi prose writer of the 20th century for his sympathizing nature, generosity, coordination and compromising temperament. The contribution of Babu Gulab Rai to Hindi literature for establishing most modern ideas in the style of Dwivedi period undisputed.

Books via BabuJi

Shanti Dharma

Siddhant aur Adhayayan

Kavya k Roop


Adhyayan aur Aasvad



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Hindi Kavya Virmasha

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