4 Reasons Why Your Content Isn’t Ranking

4 Reasons Why Your Content Isn’t Ranking

Even if you are putting good content on your website, but you are not getting any kind of success, and your content isn’t ranking there can be very big reasons behind this.  Which are hidden to a large extent and we keep repeating the same mistake continuously.

You keep putting good content on your site continuously, but even then you do not get any good results. You write a very good article by working hard on your site continuously and use very expensive keywords in it, but you are not getting success in it, you think that I have written a good article and you will be on your website after a few days. If you come and see again in your site, you will see good results.

Even after working so hard, the article you have put on your site is not able to rank on Google and you always have to face disappointment. It would have been ranked on Google but it does not happen.

Today we are going to tell you some of the reasons that cause problems in not ranking your article and you have to solve those problems only then you will be able to go ahead and become a successful blogger.

What are you writing, is it valuable for audience  

First of all, you have to keep in mind that the article you have written on your site is written completely according to Google’s search engine algorithm and where you want to run it? Can it be ranked where your target is?

First of all, you have to keep in mind that the article you have put on your site should be completely simple and clean, it should contain the information according to the visitor because if any visitor will come to your site to read the article. So it should be easy to read that article and everything should be done in clear words, there should be no confusion in your article.

Your written article should be in more words (around 1500 words) and should be simple, you have to give only that information inside that article which is correct and keep these things in mind that the information in your article should be the same as shown according to the visitor’s question.

Targeting long tails keyword and current topics

While writing the article, you have to go according to the time, if you think that you will put any information about 10 years ago on your site, then people will come to it, something like this can happen in some situation but every time it is possible ? , No because if you put an article from 10 years ago today, then the chances of it getting ranked on Google will be very less.

You have to target only those keywords which are prevalent in today’s time and people search them every day, the reason behind this is that people are interested in today’s time and not in the time of 10 years ago if I Let me tell you that you search on Google (How to cook Maggie), in this keyword thousands of people must have already put its recipe on Google, due to which your article will not be easy to rank on Google if you put this keyword instead (How To cook Maggi with capsicum) then the chances of your article getting ranked on Google.

The reason behind this is that time keeps changing and people’s interests also change, we have to write the article on our site according to the interest of the people, and we have to put some new things in our article which will attract people and that will help you. Come and read the written article.

Update your site daily basis

As we just told you in the above part that you have to put information in your article according to the time and keeping in mind the interest of the people, so that they come and read your article and tell the time on your site.

You have to update your site every day, that means that you have to put 2 to 3 articles on your site every day, and while writing all those articles, you have to keep in mind the things which we have told you in the above section. Have been described in.

What attracts people, you have to write the article on your site according to the same information and from time to time you will have to write articles according to the changing interests of the people on your site because people’s interests change every day and every hour, if you follow the interests of the people, then your site can achieve a good position on Google in a very short time.

You have to go according to the time and you have to take care of everything that what changes are coming day by day in your country and state, you have to write the article on your site according to the change of your society. Because as changes will come in the society, in the same way you have to write about those changes in your article on your site.

If changes come in the society, then the interests of those people will also change and people will search on the internet about those changes, then your article will reach those people first, you will have to modify your article according to the time.

 Sitemaps and other major things

You have prepared a good article for your side and after that you are going to put it on your site, the article written by you is completely ready with search engine optimization and keywords are also inserted inside it, which is According to the interests of the people.

You will also have to take care of Google search console, in 6 months you will have to update the sitemap of your site in Google search console, because if you do this then Google will be able to catch your articles soon and Google will see that, Day-to-day changes keep happening within this website and people get information that attracts people on this site, due to which they are satisfied.

You will also have to take care of your competitor that how your competitor is able to write better articles than you and target more audience than you, you have to see his articles and the information he is putting on his site for the people. You also have to try and write good articles from your competitor and target maximum audience.


You have prepared your article after seeing all the changes from the above parts, and you have also targeted a good audience for your site, who come to your site day by day and see the article written by you. And they get the information according to their interests in your article.

You have write a good article, but you have to take care of other things as well that how much is the speed of your website and how much load time is being taken for a visitor to come to the article, if you see that the audience should know to my article. It is taking some time, then you have to solve this problem as soon as possible because the audience needs the answer of their information within a few seconds, if your article takes time to open then it can have a negative effect on your visitor. And the article can be found by other website.