How to Achieve Success in Blogging in 2021

How to Achieve Success in Blogging in 2021

How to be successful in blogging

Friends, before being successful in blogging, you have to first find out from yourself that in which subject you are interested, on which topic you will write an article on your blog so that whoever will come to your blog through the internet and do a little on it. Time will tell and he will like the content there, keeping all these things in mind, you have chosen the topic of your blog, only then you will be able to succeed in blogging.

The first task that will make you successful in blogging.

You should have patience because without this you cannot get work in any place, if you want to be successful in blogging and become a successful blogger then you have to publish articles on your blog continuously and you will never give up if you are quick. If you give up in the bet, then you will never be able to become a successful person and successful and a good blogger.

In today’s time, crores of websites are running on Google, but out of those millions of websites and blogs, only few websites and blogs are successful, the reason behind that is that the authors of those websites and blogs keep posting articles on their blogs continuously. And keep sharing good information for people on their blog.

How to choose your blogging topic.

You have to keep in mind that before putting articles on your website and blog, that information about which you want to give information to people on the Internet should be important to those people and should be very good and clean. In which any kind of falsehood and any false information has not been included.

If you give wrong information to the public on the Internet, then it can affect your blogging career, the reason behind this is that if you give wrong information to someone and that information is of no use to them, then that person will visit your website. Will not come again, because according to the question he will not get his answer on your website otherwise he will go to some other website and find the answer to his question.

Before starting a career in blogging, you have to make sure that I have to start blogging on a particular topic and I have to keep posting articles on that topic continuously until you become successful because, According to Google’s policy, in today’s era, Google needs at least 2 years’ time to run your website properly.

Google now sees the hard work of the blogger and, constantly keeps an eye on it, whether any blogger is copying and pasting any article from any other website or putting it on his website. If a blogger is found doing this, Then Google stops ranking his website. or WordPress which one to choose.

The question first comes about what do you want to start blogging about, you can also start your career in blogging through Google’s, and you can also start your blogging career in WordPress. is a platform created by Google, through which you can write articles and post them on your blog and make some limited changes within your blog, Such as themes, and other types of changes you can do inside Blogger.

Inside WordPress, you get a variety of options that you cannot find inside, due to which WordPress is always considered in, and most of the bloggers always choose WordPress to start their career because in the WordPress you can make many types of changes on your website.

How should your first blog be written?

You have to take care of many things while writing your first article, these things are as follows.

How many words should it be?

Your first article should be at least 1500 words on your block and website, and a very good information should be written correctly inside your article, whoever comes to your article on your website should like that article. There should not be any kind of copying inside your article, if any type of copying is found inside your article, then Google will not allow that article to rank on its search engine and include your website in the category of a negative blogger.

Search Engine Optimization.

You have to do search engine optimization for your blog properly, you have to give the title of your article properly and the heading inside the article should be complete from H1 to H6, if you do search engine optimization with your article properly. So the chances of your article getting ranked on Google increases a lot.

The photo related to the article should also be put.

You have written a good article but, according to that topic, you did not put a photo related to the article on your blog, it will not have any effect on your article, but if you put a photo related to the article, then it will make your article look very attractive. Let’s say, if your blog and article will attract internet users, then it will come to your website and read your articles.

When and how will you earn?

If you have started your career within blogging and have decided to become a successful blogger, then you will have to give some time to blogging, and keep posting articles on your website and blog every day, if you do this, then in the eyes of Google. You will come soon and your articles will rank quickly and you will soon become a successful blogger.

After becoming a successful blogger, you now have to think about how you can earn from your good articles so that you can make your website better with that money and write articles in the right way for internet users on your website. You will have to apply for Google AdSense, which is not a big task.

Once you get the approval of Google AdSense, then your earning will also start. Google will show its advertisement on your article, if any internet user click on the advertisement shown according to the interest, then Google pays you for it.


Today we told you what you may have to do to become a successful blogger and in how much time you can become a successful blogger on the internet. The whole thing depends on the time, how much time you spend on your blog, in writing the article, if you keep posting articles on your website continuously for a year or 2 years, then Google will give you your positive category as soon as possible. And then no one will be able to stop you from becoming a successful blogger.

While writing the article, you have to keep in mind many things that you do not have to write the article less than 1500 words, and the article you have written should contain good information and you have not copied from any other website, if you have written someone If you copy and remove the article on your website, then you will not get any benefit from it, Google will put you in its negative category at the same time.