Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin

 Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin

Who is Charlie Chaplin? What are they interests and Works? Education, Childhood, Family ?   

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, the great British Comedian of the silent movie era, was born on April 16, 1889 to poor parents who happened to be music hall performers. His father was alcoholic and spent whatever little he earned in drinking.

Consequently Charlie had to work of the family’s bread and butter form an early age. He appeared on the stage when he was barely 8 years old.  His father’s untimely demise and his mother’s poor health made the matters still worse.

For the time being he and his brother Sid went to Orphanage because his mother’s serious illness. When she recovered she worked very hard to support the family. She began to sew blouses for women. Poverty, want and neglect left an indelible impression on Charlie’s mind.

His schooling was for a short period of 2 years only. When again his mother’s mental health deteriorated, Charlie had to lead a very miserable life in squalor and dust of London Streets. At the age of 17 Charlie joined the Karno Company’s show movies.

First Film by Charlie Chaplin, Tramp Costumes? Met Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks

He produced the first film in 1913. In second film called ‘Kid Auto Races at Venue”, produced and released in 1914, he appeared in his famous guise of a tramp.  Since then a pair of baggy pants, outsized shoes, out-turned feet, blower hat, funny moustache and walking stick became his hallmark.

Gradually, this foolish and mischievous looking and yet lovable little tramp gathered a mass appeal and became an eminent art from the century. In his successive films, he perfected this art form to become king- comedian and a living legend. The tramp enthralled the audience for many-many years to come.    

He wrote the costume of the Tramp for the next 25 years and in as many as 70 films. His movies were a great success. By 1917 he was almost minting money. In 1919 in partnership with his two fellow actors Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks he set up his own film production company the United Artists.

Love Life of Chaplin, what is reason behind Charlie’s unsuccessful married life ?

Charlie Chaplin married many times, but each time it proved a failure. Mildred Harris was the first wife, a little lovely actress and had a son from her. The son died soon after three days of his birth and it made Charlie so sad and woe begone.

Another actress Lita Grey became his second wife and they had two sons Chaplin Jr. and Sydney Earl Chaplin but this marriage too ended in a failure. He was third time unlucky when he married a divorced actress Paulette Goddard.  But his last attempt proved a success when he had Eugene O’Neil’s 18 year daughter as his wife. Then Charlie was 54 years old and his father-in-law O’Neil was a famous American playwright.

Some Great and Unforgettable Works by Charlie Chaplin, Many Films Produced By Him   

He produced many films, one after the other and this made him a prolific film-producer. As a famous Tramp he appeared in such films as “The Kid” (1921), The Gold Rush (1925), “City Lights” (1931) “and Modern Times” (1936). He also produced and started in many other well-known films which combined comedy with social satire and fine craftsmanship. “The picture I want to be remembered by. “ His film “A Woman of Paris” (1923) was another remarkable art production.

It was hailed as “having changed the entire motion picture business. During the World War II made “The Great Dictator” (1940) in which he made fun of the German dictator Adolf Hitler.

Legend Charlie Chaplin  

The city Lights” was his very remarkable film which again confirmed his mastery of creativeness in the film industry of Hollywood. He had no formal education and training and yet his creative intellectual powers were such as made the world recognize him dimensions to satire, pathos and comedy in films.

He won the hearts of millions of men, women and children around the world with his superb and original style in acting. In the Limelight he acted, directed and also composed the music and dances. But his later life was dogged by the Red Channels Scandal in which he accused of having sympathy with the communist. His criticism on his score became so severe and unbearable that he had to migrate to Switzerland.

 Achievements and Say Good Bye to the World

In 1972 he visited the United States of America and was given many prizes and showered upon tributes. It was then that he received a special Academy Award Oscar for his outstanding contribution to the film industry. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1975. He died on 25th December, 1977 at Crosier, Switzerland.