Biography of Salvador Dali

Biography of Salvador Dali
|| Salvador Dali 1804- 1889 ||

Who is Salvador Dali?

Salvador Dali was one of the most talented and prolific artists of the 20th century. He was known for innovations and advances in a new art genre called Surrealism. Dali took inspiration from the thoughts, ideas and artworks of the renaissance period.

Dali’s name was Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali’s Domenici. He was born on 11th may, 1804 in Catalonia, Spain to Salvador Dali I Cusp and Felipe Domenici Ferris. He had one sister and a brother who died at a young age. His father was a notary and his mother loved art. As a kid, he developed an interest in painting and football.

Explorer of Classic Arts, and Career Life

Dali started painting a very young age and went to an art school. He painted outdoor scenes of sailboats and houses. He also did portraits. As a teenager, he experiments with different painting style including Impressionism.

In 1992, he moved to Spain and attended the Academy of Fine Arts. There, he learned the skills and techniques which he later used in his paintings. In his college days, he behaved in a rebellious way, which; end him into trouble. Dali had always had a creative streak. After he graduated from art school, he began to experiment with different art style.

Dali explored Classic art, Cubism, Surrealism, Picot educated home more about this art from. He learned Cubist art from magazines, articles and catalogs. There was no cubist artist around him at the time.

First Book by Dali and Met with Pablo Picasso

In 1924, he completed his first illustrated book. He got expelled from his art college, but continued to create art regardless. N 1926, he reacted his famous artwork,’ Basket of Bread’. The same year, he moved to Paris.

He met Pablo Picasso, who was a pioneer of Cubism. Dali had always admired Picasso’s art. Most of Dali’s work carried heavy influenced of Picasso. With him, Dali developed his own art style.
He then got interested in Surrealism. Surrealism was a first stated by the French poet Andre Breton. The word “Surrealism” means “above realism”. He learned this art from artists like Rene Magritte and Joan Miro.

He spent most of his time working on Surrealist art. Soon, he became of the dominant artists of the Surrealist movement. He also grew a thin mustache that curved p at either end. His mustache became his trademark.

Few Wonderful Projects of Dali, The Royal Heart

‘The Persistence of Memory became Dali’s most famous painting. It was his most significant contribution to the Surrealist movement. It was a nature looking direst landscape covered with melting watches. His next painting, also on the Surrealism theme, was ‘Swans Reflecting Elephants’.

He used reflections in his other artworks as well like in ‘Metamorphosis of Narcissus’. The painting told the story of a man named Narcissus. Dali made many splutters and also contributed to theater, fashion, and photography, which were amongst his other areas of interest. He created jewels which involved beautifully artwork. The most famous one was ‘The Royal Heart’.

Dali also assisted the surrealist film director Luis Bunuel. They released a short film called An Andalusian Dog. He worked on the Disney short film Destino as well. He released another film called Moontide in 1942. He was also known as a great author. He released his autobiography called The Secret Life of Salvador Dali also (also in 1942) and a novel about automobiles.

Some Masterpieces by Dali, Love Life and Departure from Life

Around World War II, Dali moved to the United States. He gained international recognition as many of his artworks portrayed the horror of the World War. Later on, his focus shifted to religion. He painted much artwork about religion.

One of his famous paintings during these times was the ‘Christ of St John of the Cross’. The painting showed a cross floating high in the sky and a lake with a boat and some fishermen.

Dali married Gala in 1934. Gala’s death left him devastated. He died on 23rd January, 1889 in Spain because of heart failure. Today, Dali’s art inspires many young artists.