Biography of Adolf Hitler

Biography of Adolf Hitler

Who is Adolf Hitler? What are they Ideologies and thoughts? Childhood, Family, Education

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 at Branuanu-am Inn, Austria. The name of his father was Alios Hitler. He was from the third wife of his father and her name was Klara Poezl, a Bavarian woman and 23 years younger to Alios.

Hitler rose from obscurity and finally became Germany’s Chancellor and dictator. His rise was met erotic and phenomenal. He was simply a corporal during the First World War. He took full advantage of the economic crisis and social turmoil that prevailed in Germany during the 1920s. His success is a life story of an evil genius who plunged the whole world into the worst possible danger in history.

Hitler’s biography “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle) gives us a good glimpse of his life and thoughts. Its first part was published in 1925 while he prison. He come pelted it in 1927 and it was destined to become one of the most notorious documents of Nazis.

Early Life, After Father Death, National Socialist German Worker’s Party

Hitler early life was shaky and uncertain. His father was a petty customs official. Hitler had some interests and like studying history, particularly that of the Germans. When he was 13- years of age his father died. At the age of 19, his mother, too had expired poor, neglected and in financial straits he did odd jobs as a laborer.

In 1914 he came to Munich and tried a number of petty jobs and as the First World War broke out the joined the 16th Bavarian infant regiment. Later he became lance corporal and won the Iron Cross. In 1920 he founded National Socialist German Worker’s Party.

What is Future Goals of Hitler for German Peoples?

He used this party as a good means to give expression to his hatred of the Jews, communists and anything that was un-German. He used this charismatic and spell-binding debating and oratorical skills to express the fears, despondency, desperation and darkness of the German people.

He aroused their sentiments, anger and hatred against the Versailles Treaty and the leaders who were behind it. Once Winston Churchill very appropriately said that Hitler was the “Monstrous product of former wrongs and shame.          

He exploits the psychological and financial injuries of the Germans to his personal advantage. He propagated that all the ills of Germany were due the conspiracy of German Jews. He promised to restore national pride, remove unemployment and take out the country of the worst type of inflation the people had ever seen.

 Build Great Nations Again? , Mein Kampf, Truth behind Nazis party

During this great depression 40 million marks. His promise to build country into a great nation once again after its humiliating defeat in the War made the German masses rally around him. Gave them and his party a very powerful and attractive symbol of Swastika. The Nazis party grew from strength to strength during this turmoil and crisis which provided Hitler a very fertile ground.

In 1923 he generated a revolt, the Bear-Hall Pustch to overthrow the 5- year old Weimar Republic but it provided a failure and he was imprisoned for 9 months. It was during this period that he wrote his “Mein Kampf”.

Gradually he and his Nazi party became more and more popular. The Nazis became the single largest party in the German Parliament by 1930. In January 1933 he was appointed Chancellor and half year later he became dictator of the country. Soon after becoming the labour unions banned all other political parties and promulgated strict press-censorship.

Germans and Jewish Controversy

Anti-Semitism was integral part of his policies and programme. He hates and prejudices for this race and its people were deep-rooted. He prohibited marriages between the Germans and the Jews. Jewish property rights were drastically curtailed. He debarred them form high posts and lucrative jobs. By 1935 Germany was transformed into a fascist State with his absolute control over political, financial and cultural affairs.        

Inspired and spurred by his limitless ambition, expansion and aggression, he pulled out the League of Nations and raised huge army air force. He also forged alliance with likeminded other fascists States like Itlay and Japan. He occupied the Rhine land. Burning with a deep desire to restore German pride and avenge the defeat if the First World War and the humiliation of the treaty of Versailles, the German forces invaded the Polish borders.

Non-Aggression Pact with Russia, Blitzkrieg, and War against Norway and Denmark

Earlier he had signed a non-aggression pact with the Soviet Russia on August 24, 1939 and soon Poland was over run and crushed, France and Britain had to declare war against Germany on September 3, 1939. In no time Norway and Denmark were vanquished.

In May 1940 the German Forces made Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Holland to surrender. In the wake of these debacles and falls, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was forced to resign and replaced by Winston Churchill. But the new “blitzkrieg” strategy of the German forces drove the British from the continent.

The strategy was based on shock, surprise, speed and force. France was also overrun within 2 weeks but Britain continued its struggle and resistance and Churchill said to his people that he had nothing to offer them “But Blood, toil, tears and sweat”.

He pledged “we shall fight on the beaches … we shall fight on the streets  … we shall never surrender. The defeat of Britain was avoided by the Royal Air Force, which bravely fended off the Luftwaffe attacks. Then Hitler attacked the Soviet Union June 22, 1941 but in the frosty winter when temperatures went down to 40 degrees below zero, the German Troops suffered heavy losses and Hitler was defeated.

End of Second World War, and Death of Adolf Hitler  

Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the US President ended his policy of isolation and it entered the Second World War. The dropping of two nuclear bombs forced the Japanese to surrender and with it ended the most destructive Second World War.

Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945 with his new Bride Eva Braun. Hitler was an embodiment of evil and untamed personal ambition. He left behind a legacy of terror, destruction and genocide.

The ugliest face of an evil genius was exemplified by life and character of Adolf Hitler. His inflated ego, his ribad devotion to his German heritage, his morbid sense of superiority all combined into making him the most terrible schemer against humanity.

Hitler tragic death marked the end of an era of terror, naked aggression, worst type of violence against the Jews, frenzied personal ambition and the evil that appeared victorious initially.