Who is Dalai Lama

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Who is Dalai Lama? What are they interests and works for Buddhist, Family, Education.

Dalai Lama is the spiritual and temporal head of Tibet. He was born in Taketser, China into a peasant family in 1935. His original name is Tenzin Gyasto. He was designed the 14th Dalai Lama in 1937 when he was barely two years old.

And his rights and duties were performed by regency until 1950. He fled to Chumbi in South Tibet after an abortive anti-Chinese uprising in 1950 but negotiated an autonomy agreement with the People’s Republic of China the following year, and for the next 8 years served as nominal political head of Tibet.

Since 1959, after China’s suppression of the Tibetan national uprising. He fled to India and has been living exile at Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh in India. He is the head of the Tibetan Government In-exile. He was given the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his commitment to peace non-violent liberation of Tibet, his homeland.

Life about Buddhism

He has been teaching and practicing Buddhism from his headquarters at Dharamshala. He has been persevering to preserve and spread the cultural, social, educational and spiritual values of his land.

His devotion to Buddhism since his very early childhood has been so constant, rock-firm, deep and all inclusive. In the wake of Chinese suppression and tyranny in Tibet thousands of his followers also fled and migrated to India.

 He has been instrumental in turning the world opinion in his favour by travelling worldwide, delivering lectures, writing extensively and initiating the willing people into Buddhism and its lore. But his relentless efforts and fight for the cause of liberation of Tibet has yet bear fruits.

Thuptem Gyasto, what is meaning of Dalai Lama

He succeeded Thuptem Gyasto the thirteenth Dalai Lama in 1937. The term Dalai Lama is of Mongolian origin. Magnolia became a Buddhist country in the 13th century when Kublai Khan (1271- 1368), the grandson of the great Genghis Khan (1162-1277) ruled over there.

It was Altan Khan who bestowed this title “Dalai Lama” on his chief priest, the title by which the chief priest subsequently came to be known throughout the world. This title of Dalai Lama was given posthumously to Gendun-drup (1391-1474). “Dalai” means ocean”, signifying an ocean or vast repository of wisdom.

Truth behind Reincarnations, Guru Rishi  

Thus, Dalai Lama is equivalent to Indian Guru or Rishi, a spiritual teacher and knower of the truth. Dalai Lama is thought to be reincarnations of Avalokit- eshvara. Avaloktieshvara is the Bodhisattva, the lord who looks upon all beings with great compassion (Karuna). Therefore, Dalai Lama epitomizes great compassion and wisdom.

Avaloktieshvara is depicted possessing many arms, reaching out to help all suffering beings and living things. Avaloktieshvara (Tibetan Chenesezi) is held in highest regard and so are the Lamas. Tibet prevails Mahayana School of Buddhism in which compassion is held to be the highest ideal.

Why Avaloktieshvara reincarnates himself?

Avaloktieshvara reincarnates himself again and again “Dalai Lama’ to liberate all beings from the pangs of death and rebirth. Unfortunately, since 1959 when he present Dalai Lama had to seek refuge in India, there has been systematic cultural and religious vandalism.

in Tibet and the great Buddhist treasures of art, cultural and religion have been mercilessly destroyed, desecrated and its followers and disciples are there in India and other countries of the world. He is a world class spiritual leader who has been steering the Tibetans very judiciously through this great crisis.

Tibet became a Buddhist land in the seventh century when the great India Buddhist missionary Padmasambhava preached it there. Before it there prevailed Bon religion. Later Lamaism developed in Tibet with the founding of a religious school by Trong Kha Pa (1357-1419). The school came to be known as the “Gelu” and its head acquired the title of Dalai Lama.

What are they works of Panchen Lama

He eventually became the spiritual and temporal head of Tibet. Upon the death of an existing Lama, a search is conducted to find an infant who is his reincarnation. Panchen Lama is also held in great respect and reverence as a spiritual leader in Tibet. He ranks second to Dalai Lama is supposed to be the reincarnation of Amitabh Buddha.     

His Holiness Tenzein Gyasto, the reigning Dalai Lama, as a manifestation of the Bodhisattva, enjoys the supreme reverence and regard throughout the Mahayana school of Buddhism worldwide. A Bodhisattva is one who has attain enlightenment of a Buddha but choose not to pass into Nirvana.

Voluntarily he incarnates himself again and again remains in the world to help lesser being in attaining lightenement. This is a supreme example of self-sacrifice and compassion. “Bodhisattva” literally means “enlightened existence.