Biography of Estee Lauder

Biography of Estee Lauder

Beautiful Journey of Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder was born as Josephine Esther Mentzer on July 1, 1908, in New York City to Max Mentzer and Rose Rosenthal. Her father owned a small hardware shop. Esther attended Newton High School in Queens as a child. Due to her accent, her name was mistaken to be Estee while in school.

Estee Lauder was an American businesswoman and one of the wealthiest women entrepreneurs in Africa. She was the founder of Estee Launder Companies Inc., one of the most famous cosmic and fragrance companies in the world.

After School

Estee learned the basic of business from her father. She would help her father in the shop after school. She leaned the skill of making a sale, and giving special treatment to the customers during holiday like Christmas. As an adult, Lauder used the same tactics to get more customers for her own company.

During World War I

Launder decided at a very young age that she wanted to start her own business someday. Thus, she became an apprentice under her uncle, john Schotz. In 1914, after World War I, her uncle came to stay with the family. She described as “a magician and a mentor. “He was a chemist and had created four secret formulas for skin creams. Young Estee observed for cosmetics. She started ceiling her uncle’s cosmetics to her friends and called them “jars of hope”.

College Life

After graduating, she decided to pursue her love of business and venture into the makeup industry. She chose to work for her uncle and began to market his products. Her first client was a neighborhood salon she frequented. The owner of the salon had asked her secret to her beautiful skin and Launder introduced her Uncle’s cosmetics to the salon.

The owner her uncle and began to market his products. Her first client was a neighborhood salon he frequented. The owner of the salon had asked her secret to her beautiful skin and Lauder introduced her uncle’s cosmetics to the salon. The owner allowed Lauder to sell the products at the salon. She made significant amount of money.

In 1933, she worked restlessly to improve her uncle’s creams. The one thing that made her cosmetics stand out was her use of natural ingredients. In just a few months, she had a trusted clientele who were some of New York’s most powerful people.

The same year she founded Lauder Chemists. Her role was making the sales while her husband managed the finances. In 1944, she opened her first store in New York.

Founder of Estee Lauder Inc.

In 1946, she founded Estee Lauder Inc. with her husband. Initially, they only had four products. They had turned a restaurant into a factory. Lauder cooked up the creams and oils through the nights. Customers appreciated her products for their high quality.

Success Came in Her Life

Success came to her in 1950. She traveled to different countries to spread the word about her brand. Her company was the first one to give free samples of cosmetics. She gained thousands of new customers in a very short time. Lauder called “Free Distribution” the only right way of running a business.

Youth Dew Products

In 1953, she had a turning in her career when she launched her Youth Dew Products. It was her first fragrance. It became a great hit amongst women who could not afford expensive perfumes.

The sale of Lauder’s fragrance increased and turned her business into a multi-million dollar company. In 1946, she started to make products called Aramis and Clinique.

Wealthiest, Woman in the World

Lauder became one of the wealthiest, self made women in the world. Her products were being sold worldwide. She provided employment for many and inspired women all over the world to work towards their dreams.

Autobiography and Achievements

In 1985, she published her autobiography Estee: A success Story. Estee Lauder received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Love Life and Death

Estee married Joseph Lauder on January 15, 1930. They had two sons. In 2004, Estee Lauder received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The same year this legendary woman died at the age of 97 in her home in New York.