Biography of Larry Page

 Biography of Larry Page

Introduction of Larry Page & his life

Google Larry Page was born on March 26, 1973, in East Lansing, Michigan to Carl Page and Gloria. Both his parents were Computer Science graduates. And his childhood home was full of computers and other science journals. Hence, young Larry started to get attracted to technology.

School & College Life of:-

 At the very young age, Larry made a working ink-jet printer. At the age of twelve, he wanted to start his own company. In 1991, he graduated from the East Lancing High School. After that, he attends the University of Michigan to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering.

Life Changing Experience: – Google & Yahoo

Larry became a part of the solar car team at the university. He continued his studies and obtained a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Stanford University. There he met surgery bin. They both worked on a research project and soon invented to BackRub. It was run on the Stanford servers for many months. BackRub’s primary goal was to provide the best and important result on the web.

In 1997, Page and Brin Decided to change the name of BackRub. They came up with the name Google after the term Googol, a mathematical concept. They aimed to organize all of the world’s information available on the web.

In 1998, the company Google Inc. was established. Over the years, Google changed tremendously and introduced new updates. Google became available in French, German, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian and Danish. Yahoo soon became their partner. In 2001, Page stepped down as the CEO of the company.     

CEO of Google:-

Eric Schmidt took over and became the new CEO of Google, in 2004, Orkut was launched by Google. It was a social networking site. That year, Google became a great hit. After the success of Google, Page and Brin became millionaires.

In 2005 Google released many more products and services like Google Maps, Mobile, Google Reader, and iGoogle. In 2006, Google purchased YouTube. They also added a new chat feature in Gmail, their emailing service.    

After Success his Journey:-

In 2007, Google became partners with China Mobile and In 2008, Google Earth was released. In 2011, Larry Page became the CEO of Google again. To improve services for the public, he started to work day and night.

At the end of 2012, the company has launched the first Chromebook laptop, Google Glass and many more products. Page experienced vocal cord paralysis in 2013. Due to this medical condition, his voice becomes softer. He faces difficulties while talking at a stretch.

 Page used technology advancements and his intellect for Philanthropic work as well. With Google apps. Education was easily available to thousands of students in remote places like Kenya and Rwanda.

An easy access to information helped the students to get basic education. Page created which contributes social issues and causes. He also supports causes like global hunger and poverty. He invests in Planetary Resources, an organization that mines asteroids. He began a children’s book startup called Twigate. In 2006, he started the Carol Victor Page Memorial Foundation.

After Year of 2000 His Life

In 2002, Page and Brin were named in the MIT Technology Review for being among the ‘top 35 innovators in the world under the age of 35.’ For his essential participation in science and technology, Page was awarded the prestigious Marconi Foundation Prize in 2004.

For his achievements, Page was ranked number thirteen on the Forbes’ 400 Richest Americans; moreover, he ranked seventeenth on Forbes;’2013 Most Powerful People.’


Larry Page is a very private person. He married Lucinda Southworth, a scientist, in 2007. They have two kids.