Autobiography of Arianna Huffington

Autobiography of Arianna Huffington

Who is Arianna Huffington?

Arianna Huffington is an author, philanthropist and television personality. She is the owner of online news magazine, The Huffington Post.  She was originally Arianna Stasinopoulos; she was born July 15, 1950, in Athens, Greece to Konstantinos and Eli Stasinopoulos.

Her father was a journalist and a management consultant. She was close her father, but she was influenced more by her mother. At the age of sixteen, Arianna moved to the U.K. She studied Economics at Girton College, Cambridge.

School Life, College, Interests

Arianna joined the college debating society called the Cambridge Union. She was the first foreign and third female president of the society. She graduated in 1972 with a Master Degree.

After graduation, Arianna appeared in edition of Face the Music along with Bernard Levin. He helped her with the editing, and soon she started writing books. She also worked as a columnist, critic, and a television host.

Career Goals

Arianna took off with the release of The Female Woman in 1973. The book was a bestseller and brought her a lot of fame. She came up with her second book, After Reason, in 1978 which was not as successful as the first one. After this, she turned to Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and newspaper like the Daily Mail and The Spectator.

Due to some personal issue, she moved to New York in 1980 and began to take interests in politics and Journalism. In the late 1980s, Arianna wrote several articles for The National Review. Her next big hit was a biographical book an Maria Callas called Maria Callas- The Woman Behind the Legend in 1980.       

in 1983, she released the Gods of Greece. She also wrote a biography of Pablo Picasso called Picasso: Creator and Destroyer in 1988.

Member of Republican Party

Apart from writing, she was also a member of the Republican Party. She became famous for being a strong supporter of conservative causes. She made regular television appearances to state and support her view points. Later on, she started to shift towards more environmental causes and corporate improvement.

In 1998, she began to do a weekly radio show called Left Right and Center. In 2003 she started the ‘Detroit Project’. The year 2005 was the turning point in Arianna career. She launched the Huffington Post that year. Before starting her blog, she hosted a website called However, her first venture on the Internet was a website called


Arianna became the editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group after six years. The Huffington Post now covers a wide variety of topics, sports and business. In 2008, The Observer named it as the most powerful blog in the world.

 Aside from her business, she was part of cast of the animated series The Cleveland Show. She gave her voice to the wife of Tim the bear, also named Arianna.  She made a few appearances on shows such as Roseanne, The L World, How I Met Your Mother, Help Me Help You, and in the film EdTV.

Leaving Post Media Group

Arianna major works include her participation in the 24th Annual Distinguished Speaker Series’ in 2010. She has appeared several times in the news for her debates on world events, political issues, and the local economy.

In 2011, Arianna sold the Huffington Post AOL. She became the president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group. In 2006, she announced that she was leaving the company to start a health and wellness company called Thrive Global.

Love Life

Arianna married Michael Huffington in 1986 and moved to California. Eleven years later the couple got divorced. They have two daughters.

Awards and Achievements

During period 1997, Arianna nominated for a Primetime Emmy for the comedy talk show politically in correct.  She was named in Forbes’s first-ever list of the ‘Most Influential Woman in Media’ in 2009. In 2012, The Huffington Post became the first U.S. digital media business to win a Pulitzer Prize.  

Some Great Collection

The Huffington Post.  

Daily Mail and The Spectator.

Vogue, Cosmopolitan

After Reason,

The L World, How I Met Your Mother, Help Me Help You

in the film EdTV.

Left Right and Center.

book an Maria Callas called Maria Callas

The Woman Behind the Legend

Picasso: Creator and Destroyer