About Wright Brothers

Biography of Wright Brothers
That Wings of The aircraft were inspired by bird

Who was Wilbur and Orville? Where the idea came from their mind

The Wright brothers, . Were two American inventors, engineers and aviators, who are credited with inventing, constructing and aviators, who are credited whit inventing, constructing and flying the first aeroplane. They are known as the ‘father of modern aviation; their technology is still used in modern aircraft’s.

Wilbur Wright was born on April 16, 1867, near Melville, Indiana to Milton Wright and Susan Catherine Wright. And four years later, Orville Wright was born on august 19, 1871, in Dayton, Ohio.

Their father worked as a minister in many churches. Due to their father’s position as a bishop, the family moved around a lot. The brothers had five other siblings. The Wright brothers grew up in a family where education was considered important.

Their parents encouraged them to read and enhance their creativity. It was their father who bought them a toy helicopter. The toy was made in France, and it sparked the curiosity in the Wright brothers’ minds. They dreamed of building the same model, one day they developed an interest in aeronautics.

Domestic Context

Both the brother was bright and excelled in their studies. After Wilbur graduated from high school, he planned on attending Yale University for his higher studies. But in 1885, he was involved in an accident; he lost motivation to continue studying at Yale. He stayed at home and took care of his ill mother and supported his family.

His brother Orville attended Dayton central high school. Unlike his brother who was more studious, Orville was more interested in extracurricular activities. In 1889, he opened a printing shop and asked his brother to join him. They started a weekly newspaper called west side news and set up a printing press all by themselves. Wilbur was the editor and Orville worked as the publisher.

First Glider by Wright Brothers

In 1892, the Wright brother opened a bicycle shop, which became very successful amongst the local people. They fixed bicycles and designed new models on they also started to research and design for their future projects.

They were influenced by the German aviator Otto Lilienthal, who was known as the ’flying man’. Unfortunately, he died in an accident in 1869. Following this tragedy, the Wright brother decided to create a safe flying design.

They built a glider, which was light aircraft, designed to fly without an engine. It was like a giant kite. The wings of the aircraft were inspired by birds. They used the concept called ‘Wing Warping’, which provided the same balance and control as bird’s wings did.

Biography of Wright Brothers

After they worked on the model for months, they made the first in 1903. They went to North Carolina to test their models because of its strong and windy conditions. However, not many people welcomed their invention.In 1908, they moved to Europe to convince people and sell their designs. In just a few months, people took more interest in their aero plane models. They soon became famous.

First Fly By Wright Brothers & Accomplishments

The brothers returned to the United States in 19909, they acquired considerable wealth. The same year, they made the world’s first flight in a demonstration for the United States Army. It was the world’s first military aeroplane and was created by the Wright brothers.

They dedicate their entire lives to the aviation industry. They improved their technology and built a modern aircraft. The Wright brothers started the Wright Company in 1909. The same year, they received the Congressional Gold Medal, after they returned to the United States from a successful trip to Europe. They were also awarded gold medals by the state of Ohio and the city of Dayton. They received the Legion of Honor in 1909.

Few Days of life

Wilbur suffered from typhoid fever and died in 1912 at his family home. Is younger brother, Orville, became president of the company. But, he didn’t have much interest in the business side of their work and sold the company in 1915. The Wright brothers never contributing to the society. Orville died on January 30, 1948, after he suffered from heart attack.