Thomas Edison Inventions

Thomas Edison Inventions

Who was Thomas Edison?

Thomas Edison was one of the greatest American inventors and a prescient businessman. He was best-known for having more than thousand patents for his amazing inventions.

His most famous inventions include the Phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the electric light bulb. He was called a ‘wizard’ and a ‘genius’ for his contribution to the society.

Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847, in Milan, Ohio to Samuel and Nancy Edison. He was the youngest of seven children. Thomas was known as ‘AI’ in his childhood. His father was a political activist and his mother was a teacher.

In 1854, his family moved to Michigan where Thomas spent most of his childhood. Thomas went to public school for a short time. He discontinued his studies in just three months his mother played a big role in his education, as he was home-schooled by her.

What are they Interests and Works?

Thomas was also an avid reader. Teacher described him as a poor student, but he did well when taught by his mother. As a young and curios mind, he would conduct experiments in the basement of his home. He had an interest in mechanical things and building objects.

He began to work at the age twelve. His first business attempt was when he started the grand Trunk Herald. It was the first newspaper which was started on a moving train. The paper was a great success amount the masses.

Edison made small laboratory in one of the baggage cars. There, he performed his experiments. His newspaper was also printed in the same of inventing. He offered hobs so many people, who were also inventors in his research lab.

Edison’s Three Inventions

The three greatest inventions of his career were the phonograph, the light bulb and the motion picture camera. The photograph was his first big invention. The device, invented in 1877, was used to record. People started to call him the ‘Wizard of Menlo Park’ and the ‘Inventor of the Age’.

His second big invention was the practical light bulb in 1879.his electric light system delivered light to the entire city. He had started the Edison Electric Company just a year ago. To supply electricity to everyone, he developed safely fuses and on/ off switches for light sockets.

He also improved on his previous experiments, particularly the phonograph. He developed the first commercially viable fluoroscope and the first taking doll. Edison’s third invention was the motion picture camera. He worked with William Dickson to build the motion picture camera. His practical invention contribution to the development of movies.

As a Great Entrepreneur Life

Edison was not only an inventor, but also a great businessman. In his later years, he developed the storage battery to power electric cars. The first battery was used by Henry Ford and became a huge success. During World War I, he helped the government by building submarine radars for them. Edison got married twice. He was the father of six children.

Thomas Edison died on October 18, 1931, due to diabetes. After his death, people paid tribute to this great inventor. Edison’s birthday is noted as national Inventor’s Day.