Who was Fibonacci Mathematician

Who was Fibonacci? What are they works

Fibonacci was born in 1775, his childhood was known as a block headed to his neighbors. His father’s name was Bobecciyo which mean very simple or foolish. The babyhood and early life of Fibonacci was spent in Bugiya city in North Africa, where his father was in service.

Who was Fibonacci Mathematician

We are discussion regarding of Pissa – The Tower of Pissa known throughout the world for learning Tower of Pissa in the city of Tashkani in the state of Itlay. In Pissa, in 13th century of wizard of Mathematics and numbers was born.

His some of the great performances are besides understanding of many people for 700 years till today. Pissa well-known Fibonacci. His seat of contemplation of Mathematics was the city of Pissa Like Newton and Einstein; Fibonacci did not show signs of future in babyhood. In middle his life Fibonacci rose like a star and made his mark and endless fame in the kingdom of mathematics.

Early Life

Fibonacci was given primary Education by Muslim teachers in Bar Besicost, the Arabic system of numbers soon got into his head to the extent that writing of straight Arabic numbers for example to him was much easier than writing of XCVIII, in Greek system prevalent in that time.

After completing his Initial study, Fibonacci came back to his Pissa city. To get into depths of Mathematics with open heart and mind, he roamed about the roads of the city. He used to keep always in piece of chalk in his pocket, and whenever, anything came to his mind, he used to scrawl some numbers, on the walls around him.

Book of Apex

Fibonacci published his explanation ‘Book of Apex’ in 1202. He was 27 years then. His research paper gets historical importance because of it. Arabic digits were introduced in Europe. There was a sort of turmoil in the world of systematic philosophy.

In the research paper, there was a small chapter, in which a particular was discussed and there was also a solution thereof. That question its discussion, were of great interest to the researches in Mathematics.

The method of solving terms of science and arts. To name a few of them are architecture science of Oceanography Botany Zoology Astronomy and music in other words Fibonacci great inventions in Mathematics left no system of look at it scientific knowledge un-touched.

Counting Discovery

The object was to monitor what the number of hare’s progress becomes the number of hares counting the newly born ones. It was supposed that after two months of birth the hares begin reproducing, and therefore each couple could produce one new pair. At the end of the year the total number of pairs found was 233.

Fibonacci on casting a fleeting look on this record, found that twelve month the order of numbers was 1,2,3,5,8,12,21,34,55,59,144,233, he was surprised to see that after the second number every number was equal to the total of the previous two numbers you can see it for yourself. This order of numbers could go on till infinity but reproductive power of the hares cannot be infinite age limit and partly old age will put a barrier to it.

But let this order of number be infinite. Fibonacci examined the total classes, the numbers were – 354,224,848,261,179,915,075, and in 21 digits in all counting from left (as unit) to the digit, it came 100 millions.