Short Introduction of Andre Agassi

Short Introduction of Andre Agassi

Who was Andre Agassi?

Andre Agassi is an earlier world number one proficient tennis player from United States. He is solitary only five male players to have won all four Grand Slams single events during his profession.

Agassi is also the only player in the open era to have won every Grand Slam singles title. He has overcame the Tennis Masters Cup and in a part of a winning Davis Cup team. He also has won an Olympic gold medal.

Andre krik Agassi was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 29, 1970. His parents are Mike and Elizabeth. One four children, his sisters are Rita and Tami, his brother is Philip.

In 1986, quickly since his 16th birthday Agassi became specialist and won the last tournament of that year and the beginning tournament of 1988. He advanced from 25th to 4th in the computer rankings by winning six championships in 1988

Agassi departed to the semi-finals of a grand slam event, losing times; to Mats Wilander is an exacting five set match at the French Open and to Ivan Lendl in four sets at the US Open.

Professional Context

However, 1989 was not a good year for him professionally as he did not win a single tournament in 1989 and reached the finals only once, in the Italian Open.

Agassi beat Germany’s Boris Becker in the Semi-finals of the 1990 US Open, but lost to Pete Sampras in the final match. He was also beat up by Andres Gomez in French Open Final.

His aggression reached a peak in 1991, when he lost to Jim Courier in the semi-finals of the US Open. Until then, Agassi had been the most prosperous graduate of the Ballotteri Tennis Academy in Florida, but he was now ranked behind his classmate, Courier.

In 1987, when Agassi , losing in the primary round, he drew disapproval for passing up Wimbledon, three years in a row. The reason he gave was that he was not allowed to wear his colorful outfits there, but many critics felt he was simply afraid of repeated failure.

Brad Gilbert

In 1992, Agassi triumphed a sensational five-set match and sounded remarkably humble after his conquest. “To do it here is more than I would ask for he said ‘If my career was over tomorrow, I had a lot more than I earned.

After a deprived year in 1993, Agassi hired a new instructor, Brad Gilbert and in 1994, he became the first unseeded player since 1930 win the US Open, beating six seeded opponents, including Michael Stitch in a four-set-final.

Agassi won his hard grand slam title, the Australian Open, in 1995, when he reached the finals of 11 tournaments, winning 7, and had a 73-9 record. His 26 match winning mark was shattered by Pete Sampras in the US Open final.

Agassi won the singles gold medal in the Atlanta Olympics the year 1996 and took the Lipton championship in Key Biscayne for the third time, but lost to Michael Chang in the semi-finals of the US Open.

Agassi was sidelined with a wrist injury for most of the 1997 seasons, but he won four ATP tournaments in 1998. Agassi came back to win the 1999 French Open finals tournament, becoming only the fifth male player in history to complete a career grand slam.

World Championship Title Match

Agassi losing to Sampras in the Wimbledon finals, but he alleged his fifth grand slam title by beating Todd Martin for the US Open championship. That year culminated in one of the greatest the world at the end of the year, 1997, Agassi climbed into the top ranking at the end of 1999, despite losing to Sampras in the ATP World Championship title match.

In the year 2000, and 2001 Agassi won two straight Australian Open championships. His US Open finish, onward with his  Leaders Series victories support him finish 2002 as the ancient year end World No. 2 at 32 years and 8 months.

In 2003, Agassi’s won the eight and Grand Slam entitle of his career at the Australian Open. Same year, he recaptured the World No. 01 ranking. His pecking  sneaks when wound forced him to withdraw from various events.

In 2004, his career total rose to 59 top-level singles titles and a record 17 ATP Masters Series titles. He also turned only the sixth male player under the open era to achieve 800 career wins.

Agassi completes their 2005 ranked World No. 07 and had a poor start to 2006. Marred by injuries, he was forced to retire. Given that retiring after the 2006 US Open, he has engaged in a series of charity tournaments and continues his work with his admit charity.


During his career, Agassi held the world No.01 ranking for a total of 101 weeks. He earned moreover US$ 30 million in prize-money throughout his career, third only to Sampras and Federer to date.

He also earned more than US$ 25 million a year through endorsements, during his career and fourth in all sports at the time. Agassi and buddies tennis star Steffi Graf were  wedded in October of 2001. The couple has two children.