Queen of Hearts Diana Princes of Wales

Queen of Hearts Diana Princes of Wales

Who was Diana Princes of Wales?

Diana Princes Frances Spencer was born on July 1, 1961 after her two elder sisters Sarah and Jane and before her younger brother Charles at Samdringham, Norfolk to 8th Earl Spencer and lady Frances. She became Lady Diana Spencer when her father succeeds to earldom in 1975. But unluckily, her mother Frances left his father in 1966-67 for Peter Shamd Kydd and finally they were separated legally in 1969.

This period was really very sad for Diana. By that time she was 9 years old, she was sent to riddles Haworth Hall School and then to West Health boarding School. Her grandfather died in 1975 making his father the 8th Earl Spencer and her Lady Spencer. Two years later her father remarried the daughter of a novelist Barbara Cartland named Rannie. Then Diana went to a finishing school in Switzerland but returned home before the years was over. Later she moved to her own flat in London.

For the duration of period she worked first as a dance teacher and then as a kindergarten teacher. She met Prince Charles for the first time in 1977 and soon Charles began to take more than casual interest in this 18 years old called Diana. Accordingly, Lady Diana Spencer became the finance of Britain’s Prince Charles of Wales, the future king of England.

Wedded Context

After about a two-year courtship, Charles proposed Diana in February 1981 and then followed the announcement of their engagement. They were married on July 29, 1981 and with it began new chapter in Diana’s life as she became Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Wales and the future Queen.

The wedding ceremony was commonly televised and witnessed by millions of people all around the world. At first the marriage seemed happy enough and successful and like a fairy tale.

There was too much media attention on the royal couple and every movement of them was closely watched, recorded and reported in newspapers, periodicals and on TV. They were full of their pictures and many books were written on them. But then there came “Diana, Her True Story” by Andrew Morton which shattered the myth of fairy tale and revealed how Diana often burst into tears in protest against Charles friendly relations with Camilla Parke- Bowles. The book also revealed her suicide attempts.

Family Context

Diana gave birth to her first son and heir the throne Prince William Arthur Philip Louis on June 21, 1982. The second son Prince Henry Charles Albert David was born on September 15, 1984. She was very happy as a mother but not as a wife.
Steadily the rift between her and Prince Charles grew and wider and wider and their relationship deteriorated fast. Diana began to take interest in so many social activities like visiting hospitals and helping the victims of AIDS.

Diana Royal Life Highness Context

Because of her charming and dynamic personality, she always remained the darling of the media. In December 1992 British Prime Minister, John Major announced in the Parliament the imminent separation of the royal couple.
Later Charles admitted of his faithless that she had committed adultery with an army officer James Hewitt. Finally, they were officially divorced on August 28, 1996.

Queen of Hearts Diana Princes of Wales

Diana’s title Royal Highness was taken away and she came to be known and addressed as only Diana Princess of Wales, however, she continued to be a member of the royal family because of her status of mother of Prince William second in line to the royal throne after Charles. Diana wanted to have her own place in the society and the world. She began to take more keen interest in social activities and charities.

She began to encourage the cause of land mines-banning. She also got herself involved in the activities of the Red Cross which make her still more popular. The public opinion was always on her side and she was looked upon as a brave wife and mother and victim of a royal and corrupt husband.

Masses always identified and sympathize with her and thought about her as their own. Her participation in works of charity further brightened her image. Soon she became a living legend and symbol of charity and human service.

Major Mishap with Diana

The world was shocked beyond words when the news came on Sunday, August 31, 1997 that Diana, Princes of Wales had been killed in a terrible car accident in Paris, France. The sad news spread like a wild fire. At first people were not ready to all to believe it. But it was a tragic and fact and there was shock, gloom and unhappiness everywhere.

Her friend and companion Dodi Fayed too had been killed in the accident. The driver of the car Mercedes Benz also met the same fate. Only Dodi’s body guard survived who was sent to a hospital with very serious injuries. According to the media reports the road accident was sent to a hospital with very serious injuries.

According to the media reports the road accident was caused by paparazzi or free lance photographers who wanted to have her photographer with Dodi, her friend, to whom she had recently been romantically linked.

That evening Dodi, the eldest son of the famous Harrods had presented Diana with a tremendous diamond ring in memorial of the beginning of a new life of love and romance, Diana had put the ring on the third finger of her right hand.
The mood of deep shock and disbelief were followed by an exceptional worldwide outpouring of mourning, grief and sorrow at the tragic end of Diana, Princes of Wales and the Queen of Hearts.

Funeral of Diana- Queen of Hearts

It marked the end of an era that had just begun to shape and unfold. It reinforced the supremacy of Destiny and finality of Death and comparative illusiveness of life and its happiness. A massive funeral was ordered, the largest of the decade. Moved by deep grief and sorrow people in thousands thronged at the gates of Kingston Palace, the official residence of the Princess to pay their homage and tributes.

Offered flowers, candles and wreaths in her loving memory. The condolence messages continued to pour in and even 45 books were not enough to record them. For a full week people queued to sign condolence books, pay their last respects and pray for her with flowers, candles and cards.

Her funeral was held on September 6, 1997, Saturday. Millions of people lined the streets of London along the route of her funeral procession Million other watched it on TV sets with heavy hearts and wet eyes.

As her funeral cartage passed by to Westminster. Her two sons William and Henry, her brother Charles the Earl of Spencer, Prince Charles and the Duke Edinburgh followed the coffin which was mounted on a horse drawn carriage. Her funeral was attended by thousands of her friends, admires and family members.

Many of them were well-known luminaries and famous persons in their respective fields of activity. Elton John a close friend of Diana and also a famous singer sang the pathetic song, “A candle in the Wind” in her loving memory and as a tribute. It very finely and with cleverly captured the essence of Diana’s life request her final farewell he said “GoodBye England’s Rose.