Rupert Murdoch True Media Entrepreneur


Who is Rupert Murdoch?

Rupert Murdoch is a famous Australian-born American newspaper published and media entrepreneur. He built a powerful international media empire and changed the journalism scene all over the world.Keith Rupert Murdoch was born on March 11, 1931, in Melbourne, Australia to Keith and Elisabeth Joy Greene.

His father was well-known Australia journalist who owned some local and regional newspaper like the Herald and the Courier-Mail.Rupert grew up in a house full of journalists and was prepared to make a career in publishing from a very young age.

What is the education of Murdoch?

For his education, he went to Geelong Grammar School. As a student, he worked as an editor for various school journals like The Corian and Melbourne Herald.

After he graduated in 1949, he continued his studies and went to Worcester College, University of oxford.He showcased his talent for writing when he was in college. He was the head of Oxford Student Publications Limited.

Truth Behind After Father Death?

After he got his Master’s degree, e started to work with the Daily Express as an Editor. His life changed significantly after the death of his father.

 He took control of his father’s media company called news Limited. One of its newspapers, Adelaide News, achieved the highest circulation after the young man took over.

Career Life of Murdoch

Due to his success, in 1960, the company managed to buy the Sunday Times in Perth and The Daily Mirror in Sydney. In 1964, he started a national newspaper, the Australian.

It was the first newspaper started in Canberra, Australia. Around 1969, Murdoch moved to the British newspaper industry.

He bought News of the World; the UK’s highest selling newspaper. In 1969, Murdoch bought The Sun, a broadsheet newspaper, its format was changed to a tabloid after it gained some success.

Another Step of Success

In 1972, Murdoch gained ownership of more newspaper. One was Sydney’s Daily Telegraph. Another one was the San Antonio Express-News.

In 1973, Murdoch extended to the American market. The next year he launched a new tabloid called Star. He expanded further and started the New York post in 1976.

As a Chairman in ‘News Corporation’

In 1979, Murdoch founded News Corporationand served as the chairman. The year 1981 was a fruitful year of Murdoch. He took over a few other publications like the eminent British newspaper, the Times.

Murdoch was recognized for his political views which he included in all his newspaper. In 1985, Murdoch gained control of 20th century Fox Film.

Murdoch TV Stations

He started TV stations under his company News Corporation. Over the next decade, he made Fox network the fourth national TV network in the U.S.

 He took Fox News, Fox Sports, and FX. In the next year three years, he bought American publishers Harper & Row, and Collins. Later, he joined the two forms Harper Collins. He took control of The Herald and The Weekly Times as well.

Launched Sky Television in 1989

His broadcasting business was also booming in 1989, he launched Sky television in the UK. The company managed the UK TV market with millions of Subscribers.

After he had his foot in the USA and UK markets, he began he had his foot Asian Media Market.

In 1993, he bought Star TV in Asia. It helped him to Spread News and other Programs to countries like India and Japan.

News Website of Murdoch “The Weekly Standard and Fox News”

In 1995, he started a news website called The Weekly Standard. The Fox Network was also introduced in Australia by News Corp.

In 1996, Murdoch launched an all-day Fox News Channel in the U.S. in 1999; he bought the Australian music company Mushroom Records to launch the Festivals Mushroom Records. News Corp soon became a multi billion-dollar company”.

“The Wall Street Journal

In 2007, Murdoch made the headlines when he purchased The Wall Street Journal, for $5 billion. The deal made Murdoch the most intimidating figure in the business of news coverage worldwide.

In 2014, Murdoch announced that two of his sons would take over the leadership roles in the company. Murdoch’s younger son, James, is the CEO of most the companies.

Murdoch has been married thrice. His last marriage was to businesswoman Wendi Deng. He is the father of six children.