Untold Story of Ted Turner

Untold Story of Ted Turner
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Life of Ted Turner

Ted Turner is an American Broadcasting entrepreneur, humanitarian, sportsman and nature lover. He is a media tycoon and the founder of the first ever 24-hour cable news network, ‘CNN’.

He, also known as Robert Edward, was born on November 19, 1938, to Robert Edward Turner Jr. Florence. His father was a successful businessman who owned an advertising company called Turner Advertising.

School Life and Struggle

Ted suffered from bipolar disorder and thus, had a tough childhood. He attended a boarding school in Ohio. After he completed his high School education, he went to Brown University in 1956 to study Economic. However, he was suspended from the University in 1959.

Career Life

Turner soon joined his father’s business, working as an assistant manager for Turner Advertising. The year 1963 was a low point for Turner.

His father committed suicide, forced by a failing business and horrible fiancés. Tuner was only 24 when he became the president of Turner Advertising.

He changed the company’s mane to Turner Communication. In 1976, he launched the Turner Broadcasting System Superstation.

The same year, the Super station stated broad-casting old mobiles, comedy shows, cartoons and sports specials. Turner’s company was the first to use satellite technology and nationally broadcast shows to their subscribers.

Truth Behind of “Cable News Network”

The year 1980 was productive for Turner. He turned all his channels into Superstations. Over the years, Turner worked hard to create two highly successful and winning cable television networks: CNN (Cable News Network).

 In 1980, CNN was formally launched and became the first 24-hour, all news networks in the USA, the channel covered all types of news, and within five years it started to make profits.

With its raging success, it was expended to CNN Radio and CNN International. He launched other channels like Turner Entertainment Co. in 1986, cartoon Network in 1992 and Turner Classic Movies in 1994.

Turner Network Television by Ted Turner

His nest big success was the launch of Turner Network Television (TNT) in 1988. The first show aired on the network was gone with the Wind. The channel also began telecasting sports events like pro-wrestling and gained double the amount of audience.

By the end of the 1980s, Turner became the most significant supplier of cable systems. It made him a billionaire. Turner was listed by Forbes magazine as one of the ‘400 Richest Americans’ for several years.

Cartoon Network By Turner

With the launch of Cartoon Network in 1992, Turner released the cartoon libraries of Looney Tunes and other classic cartoon characters. In 1994, the Turner Classic Movie (TCM) channel was released.

Life Changer Deal with “Time Warner”

Turner made the most significant deal for the company with Time Warner in 1996. Time Warner was a newspaper, website, and TV giant at the time. The CEO of Time Warner was extremely interested in acquiring the Turner Broadcasting company.

The company became a subsidiary of Time Warner upon acquiring he completed once with a yacht called “Courageous”, and won the cup that year. Again in 1979, he entered the UK’s Fastent race with a newer boat called the “Tenacious” which came first amongst althea ships that completed in one of the deadliest ocean race in history.

Being a Sports Enthusiast And Achievements

Apart from being a sports enthusiast, Turner actively supports environment- rated causes. He founded the Better World Society in 1985 and Turner Foundation in 1990. He also played a Turner Foundation in 1990.

He also played an active role in the United Nations Association by donating billions of dollars to the UN. Turner received the Albert Schweitzer Gold Medal for humanitarianism in 2001.