Bill Gates Inspirations of Youths

Bill Gates Inspirations of Youths

Beautiful Life

Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955, I Seattle, Washington to William Henry Gates II and Marry Gates. His father was a lawyer, and his mother was a school teacher.

When he was an elementary student, his teachers and principal knew that he had unique brain power.The principal advised his parents to enroll him in a private school. So, in 1967, Bill attended Lakeside School

Bill Gates, formally known as William Henry Gates III, founded the world’s most significant software business, Microsoft.He is an American business tycoon, inventor, author, humanitarian and one of the wealthiest men I the world.

First Software by Gates And School Life

While there, he grew an interest in computing at the age of thirteen, he wrote his first software on a school computer.

In 1968, Gates began programming with the Paul Allen, whom he’d met at school. At the age of seventeen, he formed a test called Traf-O-Data.

He graduated from high school in 1973. During college exams, he scored 1590 out of 1600 on the SATs. He was a National Merit Scholar. In 1973, he entered Harvard College at study Law.

Signed Job with MITS

Gates was still engrossed in computers, and Allen wanted him start a business. In 1975, Gates signed up for a job with MITS.

MITS was creator of the world’s first personal computer. That year he founded Microsoft. They applied BASIC, a popular programming language for computers. This soon attended success, and they continued to develop the computing language for other system.

Registered With Trademark ‘Microsoft’

In 1976, Gates and Allen registered the trademark ‘Microsoft’. In 1979, Microsoft moved to Washington. After their success, they were approached by IBM in 1980.

They signed a contract with IBM to write the software for their upcoming line of PCs. Microsoft bought the right to the system called ‘DOS’ in 1981.

Gates remained it to MS-DOS. In 1985, Window 1.0 was launched. Over the following years, Windows became prominent software. About 90% of the market shares were taken by Windows.

Gates flourished financially and in 1987, at the age of 31, he became the youngest billionaire ever. In 1989, Microsoft launched Microsoft Office.

 The system contained applications like Microsoft Word and Excel, which are regularly used worldwide now.

 The same year he founded Corbis. It was an application to organize collections of art and photography. It became the first collection of visual information in the world. 

Windows 95

In 1995, Microsoft launched Windows 95. Gates introduced the Internet Explorer browser to the world.

Became World’s Richest Man

At the age of 35, Gates became the world’s richest man. Gates is also known as a great author and has published many books.

In 1995, he released his book titled The Road Ahead. The story was about Gates’ vision for the digital future. It became a New York Times bestseller.

In 1999, he published another book called Business @ the Speed of Thought. Gates explained ho business and technology are connected to each other in this book. 

Journey of CEO

In the year 2000, Gates stepped down from the position of CEO. He took the title of Chairman until 2014. Currently, he plays the role of a technology advisor to support the CEO.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

He began to spend more time in philanthropic pursuits. In 2000, gates and his wife founded The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. They declared that about $1 billion would be given to help 20,000 young people for their college education.

The foundation is known as one of the most important private foundations in the world. In 2006, he launched an Eco-friendly project called Terra Power, whose aim is to provide the world with an affordable and environment-friendly from nuclear energy.


Gates received many awards for his exceptional work including the Jefferson Award for Greatest Public service in 2002. In 2010, he received the Bower Award for Business Leadership from The Franklin Institute. In 2015, gates received India’s third highest civilian honor, the Padma Bhushan.

  • Jefferson Award for Greatest Public service
  • Bower Award for Business Leadership
  • India’s third highest civilian honor, the Padma Bhushan.
Married Life

In 1987, Gates met Melinda French for the first time. And on January 1, 1994, Melinda and Bill got married in Hawaii. They are the parents of three children.