Biography of Dr. Vishnu Shridhar Vakankar

Biography of Dr. Vishnu Shridhar Vanakar

Who is Dr. Vishnu Shridhar Vakankar?

Dr. Vishnu Shridhar Vakankar was extraordinary paleontologist in Poona University; it is just Dr. Vakankar who can achieve a particularly extraordinary work with so restricted methods. At whatever point there would be any notice of exceptionally old artworks, Bhim Baithaka will be continually recollected, and his work feeling of obligation, immovability and dedication will be appreciated specifically. Today he has the world’s consideration regarding that place, which future will resemble journey for archaeologists.

Early Life

Be it realized that the late top of the branch of Vikram University Ujjain and acclaimed painter Padmashri Dr. Vishnu Shridhar Vakankar, and Bhimbaithaka, arranged at a high pinnacle of Vindhyachal , 90 KM from Obedulla Ganj on Bhopal, Hoshangadbad street have become equivalent words.

The researcher of Bhimbaithaka, Dr. Vakanakr is notable for uncovering of verification’s of presence of man 20 lacs years back. Researcher Dr. Vakankar has set up a record of investigates. He used to lead his explores for quite a long time together isolated in the midst of the battling voices of the woods creatures like lions, tigers, and bears.

Archaeological Excavations

Dr. Vakankar is likewise appreciated over and again for archaeological finding at Ujjain, Kaytha, Indore, Dangwara and Runjia Tata foundation, computing the time of grains of wheat delivered in unearthings in Kaytha, Neetin Babu Chaterjee, an unmatched prehistorian of India and a researcher of western instruction was amazed.

Vishnu Shridhar Vakankar is mending as an individual, however as a total organization. His foundation Bharti Kala Bhawan, has been a primary focus of expressive arts, history and culture for the last around 40 years.

Ravi Verma Arts

Dr. Vakankar did artworks from Ravi Verma’s specialty to Picasso style following the normal changes in the field. He was completely committed to the old Indian Culture; Dr. Vakankar is an individual who made an age. Appearing of his person’s artistic creations and expressions procured name and popularity in India and abroad.

Dr. Vishnu Shridhar even today age of 69 years is unceasingly working for building up never-ending estimations of life of the Indian culture. When subsequent to perusing all accounts in the old strict and instructive portrayals regular in India, about the conjunction of Ganga-Yamuna and Saraswati, Dr. Vakankar couldn’t see the brief glance of the withdrew Saraswati.

He set looking for Saraswati. He walked for around 4000 Km through Himalayas, Rajasthan, Punjab, Delhi and Haryana. He took relief simply subsequent to discovering reality. He saw the underground current of Saraswati streaming at better places. He made individuals think about his new examination.       

Efforts of Shridhar

It was a quality of Dr. Vakankar that he was continually doing some exploration and discovering something new in composition, craft of making icons, history or excavation. In the expressions of Dr. Shiva Mangal Singh Suman, ‘He was a researcher, tossing new light consistently.

I can’t resist referencing a recognition of this researcher of the class of researchers of prehistoric studies like Dr.R.R.Bux and so on when Dr. Vanakar was brought up the director of Prince of Wales the icon of Saraswati of Dihar, worked by Maharaja Bhoj, Dr. Vanakar stated, Used to hear many sloks day by day in the imperial court of Bhoj mother Saraswati had not heard any Sanskrit sonnets for a long time, so I am offering these slokas of the good feet of her.”  

Legacy of Vanakar

In 1979, world archeology conference was convened in India. The foreign delegate archaeologies were taken to ‘Bhim Baithaka.’ Seeing the world’s richest art gallery the delegates expressed pressure on Dr. Vanakar’s work. By writing a book –‘Paradise Fort’, Dr. Vanakar, established Bhim Baithaka’s importance on the international level. For all his research work, government of Bharat adorned him with Padmashri in 1974-1975.