Peter Jones Entrepreneur of The Year


Life Style of Peter Jones in Childhood

Peter Jones was born on March 18, 1966, in Berkshire, England. Peter’s father owned a small business. Both his parents worked full-time to provide the family with as they could.

Peter always looked up to his father. Even as a child Peter loved visiting his father’s office and sitting in the big chair, imagining yielding all the power. Peter believed that one day he would be a multi-millionaire.

How Became a “British Entrepreneur”

Peter David Jones is a British entrepreneur and businessman who gave a new definition to the world ambition. At present, he is the CEO of some major businesses, and is a famous televisions personality.

School Life of Peter

For his education Peter attended a couple of private schools and then studied at Desborough College. For his high school education, he mainly went to Windsor Boy’s School. He developed an interest in Economics and tennis.

He was good at tennis, so he spoke to his English teacher John Woodward, who owned a summer tennis school. Peter earned the game there. His teacher also taught him the art of running a business.

 Peter passed the Lawn tennis Association’s coaching exam. After he cleared the exam, he set up his own tennis coaching school and became a coach. By the time he graduated from school he had become an expert in the sport, and also economics.

Started a Career Very Young Age

Jones stared his career very early on. In his twenties, he had founded a company that made and sold computers. His business was successful. Within a year he was able to own as beautiful house, an expensive car and had plenty of money at his disposal.

However, he made some mistakes due to which his business failed. He also started a restaurant, but that didn’t do well either. Jones lost all his money. To pay the bills he began to work for the company Siemens Nixdorf. It was a large telecommunications company.

Founder of Phones International Group

In 1998, he founded the Phones International group and sold mobile to different clients. This business put hi, back on top. He earned millions in the first year itself. From 2004-2008, peter expanded his business and opened three more companies, generation Telecom, Celsius, and the online company He invested his money in more than twenty companies.

The year 2005 the best year in Jones’ career. He became a well-recognized television start after appearance as a judge on the British TV show Dragons’ Den. The concept of the show was for the contestants to pitch and sell their business plans to a team of judges.

Jones went on to work in TV shows like American Inventor, James Corden’s World Cup Live, The Gear’s “Star” in a Reasonably Priced Car’ segment. In 2006, he produced Tycoon, a television series broadcast by the ITV network. Jones also owns a production company called Peter Jones TV.

Peter Jones Enterprise Academy

He also started an academy called the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy. There he taught how to run a business to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Jones has also made many sound property investments. In 2008, he cleared the Business Studies A-level exam. Jones currently invests in more than forty business including publishing, new media, television, entertainment and food products.

Peter Jones Foundation

Jones also utilizes his money for good causes. He founded the Peter Jones Foundation in 2005. He raised awareness about the importance of education. His foundation aim to encourage and provide education to young kids.

Awards & Achievements

For his exceptional work, Jones has been honored many times. He was presented the Emerging Entrepreneur of the year Award by Ernst & Young. In 2009, he was given the title of Commander of the Order of the British Empire by the government.

Love Life of Peter Jones  

Peter Jones was married to Caroline. The couple had a daughter and a son. However the marriage did not last long. Since 1997, Jones has been in a relationship with Tara Capp. The couple has three children.

Jones proved to the World that absolute dedication can overcome any obstacle in life.